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Krumping: Hip-hop meets the clarinet

Updated: May 30, 2021

This is still one of the coolest projects I have ever been a part of. I encourage readers to go to their Youtube channel and watch all of the other very talented dancers that we collaborated with in this event.

"As part of the Fête de la cité 2019, the association Krumpfest and the Foundation of the United States present a multidisciplinary performance that combines dance Krump, live music and live drawing. These different forms of art will unite to become one. The show will be punctuated by the percussions of krump music and the musicians on which the dancers will be unleashed, all immortalized in real time by our artists in residence."

What is krump? It's hard for me to describe it. I recommend it's better to see it. It's a freestyle kind of street dance that developed in Los Angeles, but that description doesn't do it justice.

It's just so incredibly expressive. I got chills down my whole body, and tears in my eyes as I was improvising with these dancers. Just seeing how the audience reacted to us in real time, it inspired the musicians to play with more intensity which in turn inspired the dancers and drawers to give it their all. It's story telling through music & dance, and these stories were DEEP.

Art is beautiful. I really hope you enjoy this. I thought it was amazing.

[warning: explicit lyrics]

Link to the YouTube channel:

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